Dear Sir Larry M Swart,

I am writing to you out of gratitude and appreciation. 

Last year we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Youth for Human Rights International. In honor of the anniversary, we issued the attached Proclamation, which you helped set up, to help bring human rights one step closer to becoming a reality for all. The Proclamation calls for mandatory human rights education and has been sent internationally to all governments, legislators, and human rights bodies. The significant response from around the world has been encouraging and very supportive.

We encourage you to bring this Proclamation to the attention of those like-minded individuals, groups, and officials who could take effective action to further human rights education and broaden the dissemination and knowledge of the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights. 

Do not hesitate to let me know if there is any assistance you need. Once again, thank you for all you do to help improve human rights in your area and around the world.  Too often, the good people, like you, are never thanked or receive any recognition, but I thank you. We are especially interested to hear from you on the above.

I look forward to our collaboration as we strive toward a more peaceful world.

Sincerely yours, 

Mary Shuttleworth, Ed.D.

I believe our sovereign rights and freedoms are not to be decided by any globalist entity that plans to chip us,  kill us, inject us and infest us, and murder or depopulate us as useless eaters.   

We take our divine sovereignty and our diplomacy as god given, and will never be part of any experiment, medical, social or military, against our will nor will we accept responsibility in acceptance of globalist rules/regulations or mandates ordering us into their agenda.

We have chosen to be the counter side of the global experiment, and proudly give our status of well being every 3 years, proving the differences in equality between those acceptable to experimentation and us,  THOSE THAT DO NOT CONSENT.

Sir Larry Swart

Founder & Executive Director, New World Alliances

So now that you know there is a problem, what can you do about making sure that you can opt out of any more mandates, surveillane, social credit scores, bank lockouts, or climate lockdowns and microchipping etc.