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New World Alliances now accepts donations in cryptocurrencies. This is in line with our innovative approach to donations and provides a new way of helping others. Your generosity enables us to sustain our operations and our humanitarian projects.


Asset : BTC

Wallet Address : 1HEgnvkR2ez4KWJwFYTLpAadw5byuvqhEV


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Tether (USDT)

Asset : USDT-ERC20

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XRP and XLM both make use of a wallet address, along with a memo/destination tag.

This means when making a payment to any of our listed XRP and XLM wallets, you need to use the provided wallet address and memo code.


Asset : XRP

Wallet Address : rNxp4h8apvRis6mJf9Sh8C6iRxfrDWN7AV

Destination Tag/Memo : 392584252

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Destination Tag/Memo : 349120542


What a wonderful service you are providing! I am so proud to come from such a great freedom-loving nation. I’m thinking of retiring early and coming home, and it’s largely because of people like you. And people like Dr. Tess Lawrie making a difference over here in the UK. 

Well done!


Thank you so much! Our lives gained so much Support by owning this Cards and standing up for our rights. So beautiful what happens in this little encounters in this crazy world. Have a good Day ☀️


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.