Who are the New World Alliances? And who is behind it?

The NWA was founded out of need to protect the people on the earth against tyranny and to protect their own human rights as governments have slowly convinced citizens to believe their version of reality to be the only truth, while taking away the choice of self, whereby people have lost the ability to defend themselves against something so big and powerful, that most rather sit back and surrender to the ELITISTS, intent on killing, maiming or owning every aspect of your life

NWA takes the fight to the powers that be and stands upon its own experiences within various GLOBALIST structures and institutions, while being known to most members, many governmental powers and military leaders, presidents and royal family members. This has brought me to the door of all these globalists where I have access otherwise denied most in this world.

Even though I am considered a far rightist, I am respected for my views, my decisions and my choices and will constantly stand up against any person or institution, no matter how dangerously powerful or threatening, that goes against my beliefs in true law and order and inalienable human rights and dignity.

What is our purpose?

My purpose is to help protect the world for the future generations and to have the future be crafted in order for true survivors to have a decent fair free chance to live in the manner and choices they prefer, not underwritten by any governmental institution or entity.

We have filed cases at the ICC and the National Ombudsman in the Hague and will continue to fight for those that do not have a voice or the correct procedures are not known and I will not rest till we have our freedoms ALL back and those that denied them, are brought to justice as per Magna Carta.

Who forms part of the Alliances/members?

Who is behind NWA (Chairman, members etc)? The last 2 decades I was deeply involved in various countries military and political situations, and had the most left mentor anyone could ever think of, but he said I was him, only his opposite, and I guess that was where things really started.  First writing opinion pieces for certain large institutions then invited to think tank participation, and eventually am here today where I have access to most people that I need without the processes required by a day to day public servant.




Sir Larry Swart 

I am writing to you out of gratitude and appreciation. 

Last year we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Youth for Human Rights International. In honor of the anniversary, we issued the attached Proclamation, which you helped set up, to help bring human rights one step closer to becoming a reality for all. The Proclamation calls for mandatory human rights education and has been sent internationally to all governments, legislators, and human rights bodies. The significant response from around the world has been encouraging and very supportive.


We encourage you to bring this Proclamation to the attention of those like-minded individuals, groups, and officials who could take effective action to further human rights education and broaden the dissemination and knowledge of the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights.


Do not hesitate to let me know if there is any assistance you need. Once again, thank you for all you do to help improve human rights in your area and around the world.  Too often, good people, like you, are never thanked or receive any recognition, but I thank you. We are especially interested to hear from you on the above.


I look forward to our collaboration as we strive toward a more peaceful world.


Youth For Human Rights

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.