Now that you have applied and invested in your Diplomatic Immunity, the following steps will follow.


Your five easy steps to follow...

We receive your order, send you a receipt for your payment and a thank you letter.

Step 1 of 5

Our IT and Creative team go to work to make sure that your card(s) and certificate(s) are correctly created and put into the final format with your QR green code. This will normally take between 24-72hrs. 


Step 2 of 5

Once completed, our Communications department then send you an email with your new downloadable digital card and certificate.

Step 3 of 5

You’ll download your card and certificate. You now have a file that you can print anytime.

Step 4 of 5

You’ll print your card and certificate.

Step 5 of 5

Your digital card file can be printed on a home printer, however we advise you to take it and have it printed in your chosen sizes by a professional print shop.  Using a professional printer is best as your special QR code has to be printed perfectly. Please laminate all cards to protect them from getting damaged. Please have artwork printed in the following sizes.

NB you can print in any of these sizes

Print and laminate your Card

Print and frame your certificate

Congratulations!  Now you are an Honorary Diplomat, you qualify for a FREE upcoming Human Rights Course.

Look out for your invitation in your email after you receive your card.

Now you are an Honorary Diplomat you will also be invited to the private Honorary Diplomatic Training Corp and learn everything you need to know about issuing Cease and Desist, and even charge sheets on anyone who is violating the Ordinance, or threatening or coercing you, your family, your friends or anyone in society in general.

What a wonderful service you are providing! I am so proud to come from such a great freedom-loving nation. I’m thinking of retiring early and coming home, and it’s largely because of people like you. And people like Dr. Tess Lawrie making a difference over here in the UK.  Well done! 


Thank you so much! Our lives gained so much Support by owning these Cards and standing up for our rights. So beautiful what happens in these little encounters in this crazy world. Have a good Day ☀️