Sir Larry Swart


So who exactly is Sir Larry Swart? And what portfolios is he currently responsible for?

I believe our sovereign rights and freedoms are not to be decided by any globalist entity that plans to chip us,  kill us, inject us and infest us, and murder or depopulate us as useless eaters.   

We take our divine sovereignty and our diplomacy as god given, and will never be part of any experiment, medical, social or military, against our will nor will we accept responsibility in acceptance of globalist rules/regulations or mandates ordering us into their agenda.

We have chosen to be the counter side of the global experiment, and proudly give our status of well being every 3 years, proving the differences in equality between those acceptable to experimentation and us,  THOSE THAT DO NOT CONSENT.

Sir Larry Swart

Founder & Executive Director, New World Alliances

Current Member – Global Government over Africa

The African Government System aims to unite Africa under equal agreements, bilateral, trilateral, and multilateral regarding trade, commerce, economy, commerce, economy, safety and security.

Current Senator – Sonatus Consultum

Senator and Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the Board. Sonatus Consultum is the biggest global think tank that includes the Council of Foreign Relations and other Committees.

The SENATUS CONSULTUM CONSCRIPTUS ELECTUS  2.0 was started, to include and respect and  accept all sides of any argument, politically, socially, morally, religiously, and confidentially. BOTH from the LEFT AND RIGHT of politics. 

Current Director – International Parliament, Intelligence Division

Confidential status.

Current Minister – International Parliament, Economics Division

Minister within the Economics Division at the International Parliament, in relation to the European Council, European Commission and the European Parliament under the European Union.

Current Senior Operations Director – Southern Command ZA Division


Specifically is the main office of the group that serves the world interest in maintaining the protection of the African continent and her nations.  The Joint special operation command is the umbrella to the SOUCOM, or as known in Africa, SOUTHCOMM ZA which is the only group involved internationally. In contrast, all others are only involved in the western or northern or member states of NATO.

NATO may never be involved in any project in Africa.  

Current Senior Advisor – Global War Advisory Council

The GLOBAL WAR ADVISORY COUNCIL’s main purpose is to monitor, share intelligence and information, advise and eventually, if needed, assist in creating, keeping, and retaining peace between various factions, groups, tribes, ethnicities, etc. 

Current Executive Director – African Directorate

Executive Director at the African Directorate, a division that monitors and advises the African Union on International Relations.

The  AFRICAN DIRECTORATE offers advice and suggestions to the African Union, which eventually are implemented, whether in direct response, or a watered-down version of the advice or recommendations. 

Current Advisor – International Risk Management

The Global War Advisory Council assesses the treats and processes that may lead to conflict, while THE BRANCH OF INTERNATIONAL RISK MANAGEMENT assesses the various options that will END or STOP any and all conflict while respecting and abiding by the natural inalienable human rights of the world nations.

Founder & Current Executive Director – New World Alliances & World Peace Command

The NEW WORLD ALLIANCES AND WORLD PEACE COMMAND were put in place to keep a distinct and clear division of the relevant international groups and communities that make up a very sensitive system, and are the loudest and largest anti-new-world-order institute/group in the world today, and will continue to be the voice of the free, the tool of the brave, the pride of the afraid, and the fear of the globalists. 

The only goal and manifesto we believe in, is true freedom can only be taken and enjoyed by equal law and order.

It’s not a right, but a god given gift and as such is non-negotiable and inalienable.  

And our main issue, is to ensure that the side of humanity that is to remain true freedom law abiding entities are not;


for their choice.

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All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.