Diplomatic Identity Card & Certificate


You are about to get full Diplomatic Immunity to protect you up to 08 December 2025, under ORDINANCE NUMBER IRM/8266-ADIR04/I.RM28-G.WAC77-NWA0002.

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Here is your opportunity to avail yourself of the unique chance to become that one in a million that will be able to remain immune from any and all upcoming governmental, corporation, or medical experiments on its populations.

You will become a non-participant and your decision will be under ORDINANCE NUMBER IRM/8266-ADIR04/I.RM28-G.WAC77-NWA0002 which must be respected by globalist corporations and governments.

This is also your chance to inform the rest of your loved ones, friends, and associates about joining you.

This offer may be withdrawn at short notice, however after you have secured your Honourary Diplomatic Immunity Status membership. It can not be taken away from you and will stand until 08 December 2025.