Humanity is being ruthlessly exploited by “globalist predators” on the pretext of Covid pandemic, and the master plan to reorganize the world in the name of public health and establish an unseen level of control over people was in the making for ten years, says Dr. Peter Breggin. During that time, international organizations, government agencies, individual billionaires, major businesses, giant funds, and a part of academia collaborated to lay the groundwork for what would culminate as Operation Warp Speed and the Great Reset in 2020. These powers are already moving to the next step, which will make them even more powerful and wealthy, while weakening everyday people, said Dr. Breggin.

Speaking with Kristi Leigh and Owen Shroyer of the War Room last week, Dr. Breggin warned that the masterminds behind the pandemic were moving to further strip nations of their sovereignty by empowering the World Health Organization (WHO) even more. “They were so pleased with WHO and any lack of standing up to WHO that they have moved way beyond WHO as an arbiter, controller, or guide in terms of just pandemic preparations and response to WHO … as the central authority of every national healthcare agency in the world,” argued the doctor.

The “predators” are about to build on that success. Breggin continued by describing the two fronts on which they are working. The first relates to ongoing negotiations on an international binding treaty that seeks to give the WHO more legal authority over national healthcare systems and, more broadly, over people’s personal health choices, rights and freedoms. If the plan succeeds, an authoritarian, one-size-fits-all approach to world health will be controlled by them alone, superseding national policies and laws. Breggin said that people will not have a say in whether or not they want their country to join this treaty.

A mere signature of the leader of a country, or even of an appointee, is considered by the United Nations, the parent organization of the WHO, as sufficient grounds to become a part of the agreement, explained the doctor. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, as well as the U.S. representatives at the WHO, are fully on board with this agenda, per their own admissions.

The latter has brought together an alliance of 40 nations to make the initiative move, said Breggin. “The whole idea is to take away the sovereignty of nations,” which is the only thing that stands in the way of the globalists’ power grab, said Breggin.

The sovereignty of the United States, in particular, was a “thorn in their side, especially under [President] Trump,” he added. The doctor noted that the globalists were so unhappy with Trump’s becoming president and attempting to lead the United States out of their sphere of influence that they had to accelerate their plans, which they did not even hide.

Breggin reminded us, for instance, that Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), “predicted” a “surprise infectious disease outbreak” back in 2017. Fauci also claimed that he was “extraordinarily confident” that such an outbreak would come “in the next few years” and that the Trump administration would be “challenged” by it. Even before Fauci, the Harvard School of Public Health warned of the same.

Calling Fauci a traitor, Breggin said that he sent money to Chinese bioweapon laboratories that created SARS-CoV-2. The doctor noted that China, which views the United States as its adversary, has openly signaled that it would not be able to win a conventional war against it.

That is why so much emphasis was made on biological warfare. Once the virus was on the loose, the American Deep State went ballistic against Trump’s closing the borders to Chinese travelers, Breggin reminded. Despite Trump’s move, the virus made it to America through other countries.

The second part of the current stage of implementation of the Great Reset is the war in Ukraine, said the doctor. The military-industrial complex is a “very big and powerful” actor in globalism, and it “overlaps with the healthcare empire and the banking empire,” said the doctor. He went on to say that the “war in Ukraine can easily be understood as a war created by the global predators.

They are feeding the military-industrial complex [by] pouring money into arms to be sent there.” Ukraine, which the Bidens and other establishment families used as their piggy bank, has been enjoying generous support from the Biden administration.

On March 16, Biden announced an additional $800 million in security assistance to Ukraine, bringing the total U.S. security assistance committed to this country to $1 billion “in just the past week,” and a total of $2 billion since the start of the administration. Breggin pointed out the obvious fact that the money so generously sent overseas is actually taxpayers’ money.

Therefore, wars make people poorer, and the middle class thinner and more dependent on the government, which was the reason for their troubles in the first place.

The doctor urged people to look for alternative media sources to stay informed on the issues, to share this information, and to get together with like-minded groups as a first step to disrupting the global power grab. “You may get scared, you may be attacked, but you will enter a new lifetime,” the doctor concluded.

Be aware. Wake others up as well.


Sir Larry M. Swart


I believe our sovereign rights and freedoms are not to be decided by any globalist entity that plans to chip us,  kill us, inject us and infest us, and murder or depopulate us as useless eaters.   

We take our divine sovereignty and our diplomacy as god given, and will never be part of any experiment, medical, social or military, against our will nor will we accept responsibility in acceptance of globalist rules/regulations or mandates ordering us into their agenda.

We have chosen to be the counter side of the global experiment, and proudly give our status of well being every 3 years, proving the differences in equality between those acceptable to experimentation and us,  THOSE THAT DO NOT CONSENT.

Sir Larry Swart

Founder & Executive Director, New World Alliances

So now that you know there is a problem, what can you do about making sure that you can opt out of any more mandates, surveillane, social credit scores, bank lockouts, or climate lockdowns and microchipping etc.