We’re living in unprecedented times. 


Government corruption, health freedom, vaccine safety and censorship are now kitchen-table conversations amongst billions worldwide following three years of unrelenting government-sponsored censorship. 


Millions of people are waking up to the real threat of forever losing freedoms to authoritarian industry-influenced governments if we fail to act. 

We will do everything in our power to stop the abuse from tyrannical corrupt paedophilic thieving corporational government leaders and public health officials who continue to put profits over people and ignore our inalienable, fundamental human rights. 


My top priority is to end the corrupt merger between state and corporate power that has ruined our economies, shattered the middle class, polluted the landscapes and waters, poisoned our children, and robbed us of our values and freedom. 


That is the reason I started the Alliance ….


After carefully reviewing the evidence as a science, it was clear to me that vaccines and other toxic environmental exposures were inextricably linked to rising rates of autism, allergies, autoimmune disorders and a host of other conditions. 


Heart attacks or myocarditis and things that never were actually commonly used words in daily normal life, became used in abundance, where most people know of someone that was damaged, or died from the COVID vaccine. 


The untested vaccine that is so detrimental to health and killed all mice it was tested upon, yet liberal parents ran to have their children inoculated, as they never believed in giving life to their children, only wanting children as the status quo. 


I knew I could never turn my back on the children and families so profoundly affected by these exposures. 


My commitment to safety, security, justice, law, order, health, freedom, preventing future injuries, unmasking those responsible and holding them accountable will never diminish. 


It will remain a driving force in all I do. 


“The freedom movement has and covers everything — truth, science, health, ethics, law — except power. It is time for NWA issues to take the spotlight. 


I believe our mission is one of the most critical, if not the most critical, in the world. 


I’m proud to stand with each one of you. 


Acting General Counsel. 


In December 2022, NWA expanded its executive team, which brought new executive management to NWA infrastructure.


  • NWA Executive Board Member Brendan Merrick has embraced the role of Global Chief Executive Officer.
  • NWA executive Board Member Adrian Barkus, has embraced the role of Vice Chair, and will also be the Global COO (Chief Operations Officer),
  • NWA Executive Board Member Valeta Leigh, has embraced the role of Global Senior General Council,
  • NWA Executive Board Member Marko Blom, is embracing the role of Global Chief Financial Officer,
  • NWA Executive Board Member Fudge Jarcheh, who has been with the NWA practically since inception, will take the seat of Global Marketing Director, 
  • NWA Executive Board Member Ronell Merrick, heads up Community and Global Public Affairs,
  • NWA Executive Board Member Peta Barkus, is responsible for Global Quality Control, and all Training Programs Internationally.


NWA Remains Steadfast in Our Mission.


Our work will continue with unwavering dedication and resolve from our staff and board, who are intensely focused on our mission to end any and every governmental overreach, by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable and establish safeguards to prevent future harm. 


NWA fights corruption, mass surveillance and censorship that put profits before people as well as advocates for worldwide rights to health freedom and bodily autonomy. 


NWA will: 


  • Educate and inform. 


  • Continue to make an impact in local communities by amplifying the voices of activists as we grow to nearly……NWA chapters worldwide, spearheading changes in policies by leaders at the national, state and local levels. 


  • Bring accountability through litigation of our active lawsuits that can have massive, life-changing impacts on NWA & HER ALLIANCES AND supporters and the world: 


  • Class Action lawsuits that represent every country, with the sub judiciary divisions dedicated to specific defendants, ie, individuals, corporations, institutions, governmental officials, and the main defendants, the government and decision making authorities of said governments. 


  • Liaise and constantly update all the relevant global institutions regarding our every move, proving our transparency and dedication to the full participation in all humanity inalienable human rights. 


  • FOIA action against FDA, CDC, HHS and NIH et al. 


While significant changes are afoot, the NWA Team has never been more optimistic about our future and the movement. We will finally see our issues illuminated, educating millions of new people in the process. We remain committed to our mission and know that, with your actions and support, we can create the beautiful world our hearts and minds know is possible. 

I believe our sovereign rights and freedoms are not to be decided by any globalist entity that plans to chip us,  kill us, inject us and infest us, and murder or depopulate us as useless eaters.   

We take our divine sovereignty and our diplomacy as god given, and will never be part of any experiment, medical, social or military, against our will nor will we accept responsibility in acceptance of globalist rules/regulations or mandates ordering us into their agenda.

We have chosen to be the counter side of the global experiment, and proudly give our status of well being every 3 years, proving the differences in equality between those acceptable to experimentation and us,  THOSE THAT DO NOT CONSENT.

Sir Larry Swart

Founder & Executive Director, New World Alliances

So now that you know there is a problem, what can you do about making sure that you can opt out of any more mandates, surveillane, social credit scores, bank lockouts, or climate lockdowns and microchipping etc.